Jürgen Leippert during Glory International Painting Festival 2012


1963 – 1964  Student at the Private School of Art Alfred Lehmann

1964 – 1971  Study Painting in Berlin Aktstudium 'Highschool of Art'

1971                  Return toStuttgart, to live and work as a free artist

1979 – 1994  Several times stay in New York(USA)

1987                  GermanyTour with Peter Schunter

1989 + 1990  Study trips to Rio de Janeiro

1996 – 2006  Resident regularly in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Domburg and Noordwijk


2005                 Portrait Heinz Berggruen for "Galerie der Ehrenbürger im Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin

2006 – 2011  ART XXL Extra Large Art Projects

2010 + 2011  Long stay in New York(USA)

2011                   Painter Festival Lamu (Kenya)

2012 + 2013  Lamu,Kenya
                            Glory International Plein-Air Festival 2012
                            Painting Festival, Noordwijk

Further many solo exhibitions in Stuttgart, Ulm, Munich, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Fähre Saulgau; Dominikanerkloster Rottweil, Amsterdam, New York ...


Jürgen made many study and/or work trips to the major cities of the world such asNew York, Rio de Janeiro,Amsterdam,London,Madrid,Paris,Vienna,HamburgandBerlin. Here he painted not only cityscapes, but also interiors, figure paintings, still lifes, portraits and landscapes. He developed into a masterful plein air artist, which paints with powerful and recognizable private key, expressionist / impressionist colorful paintings. His painting style draws its own 'fixed, large crowd of fans who follow him for years and usually own several works of him. Jürgens paintings are not in an overview to see. You need ample time to take to the emotions, forces and energy and feeling that the artist has saturated in his works. His seascapes are matchless wild.

His landscapes are affected impressive views of reality. His still lifes are stunningly silent in composition and color.

On his 65th he was honored inKatwijkMuseum, with a beautiful oeuvre overview composed of 75 of his paintings. The exhibition included early self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes, seascapes, figure paintings and cityscapes.

Jürgen Leippert is a welcome guest at many International Arts Festivals.

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Jürgen Leippert (1944 - Stüttgart - Germany)