Wil van der Niet

2009                     Wackers Academy Masterclass Sam Drukker
2009                     Masterclass Natalia Dik
2003 - 2008       5-years Art Academy Leiden - Haarlem
1995 - 2003       Paintingclasses Rob Visje, Kees Putman and
                                 Daniël Tavenier.

2008 - 2013       Paintingfestival, Noordwijk
2012 + 2013      Art Market Mont Martre, Noordwijkerhout
2012                      Cultural Day Katwijk Museum, Katwijk
2011                      Paintingfestival 's-Hertogenbosch
2010 + 2011      Art and Culture in the parks, Apeldoorn
2008 -  2010      Bulbfields in the picture (BIB), Sassenheim
2008                     Art Market, Warmond

2013                        Garden Market, Noordwijk
                                  Art Market, Katwijk
                                  Gallery PR2                         
2011 – 2013        Bertram Interiorarchitecture, Noordwijk
2011                       Yoga & Pilatus Studio Yolande van Kesteren
2010                       Restaurant Paul's recept
2008                       Exam exhibition Art Academy, Haarlem
2006                       Cultural Society, Hillegom
2005                       Sikkens Museum, Sassenheim
2004                       City Hall, Oegstgeest

At many private collectors in- and outside Netherlands

Wil van der Niet lives and works in Noordwijk and paints after nature. In full concentration, and in particular by looking carefully at the subject she wishes to paint. Movement, light, strokes and penseltouches are important for her. Paint is clearly present in her works and colors are laying close to each other. She sees herself as a ‘tonalist in colors’.


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Wil van der Niet (1959)