You're portrait painted by Natalia Dik?

Natalia Dik accepts new portrait commissions!

Natalia Dik is known all around the globe about her portrait paintings! It's always a pleasure for her to capture not only the person, but also it's charachter and personality.
Many portraits where painted by her hand, in impressionistic reallistic style and her very unique color pattern. She paints usually in oil on canvas, but also made portraits in pencil or watercolor.

National Portrait Gallery London

Natalia's portrait of her daughter 'Dascha with her baby son' was selected in 2014 by the National Portrait Gallery in London - UK, to be part of the BP Award Exhibition 2014. This exhibition, being the 'Oscar portrait event' was visited by more than 300.000 visitors from all over the world.

Before the artist knew her daughter was pregnant, an idea about the 'Annuciation' came to her, while painting a nude study of Dascha. A year, after a difficult birth, she painted both to celebrate the new life in the family.

The BP Award 2014 exhibition also went to the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens in Edingburgh Scotland. A great achievement and a big step forward in her already international career as a portrait painter!

Portrait commission?

Before Natalia starts the actual painting of a new portrait, a meeting is engaged at her studio in Amsterdam or at the client's premises to discuss the portrait wishes and costs involved.
After a mutual agreement,  a first model session is planned, where she makes her sketches and also gets to know the person(s) in question more better.
Thereafter several models sessions (at least 2 to 3) are required, where she paints after life model.
In between the sessions she continues the work, without the model being there.
Once finalised, and if required she can also advice about a possible framing.

If you have interest, feel free to contact Natalia by e-mail, or visit her personally in het studio.


Natalia published various articles in the Dutch artists magazine Palet, with regard to the important aspects on 'How to make a good portrait painting'.


'De gelijkenis van een model' Go and get: Palet no 369 Edition February - March 2014


'Licht en schaduw zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbondenl' Go and get: Palet no 370 Edition April - May 2014








'Licht en schaduw zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbondenl' Go and get: Palet no 370 Edition April - May 2014









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