Etching Il Vicolo Lavadei Strada Ulzaia Naviglio Grande - Milano Italy

Etching: Il Vicolo Lavandei Strada Ulzaia Naviglio Grande Italy

Artist: Unknown (see signature at bottom right)

Size: 19,5 x 36,5 cm (hxw)

Wooden frame: 39,5 x 63,5 (hxw)

Price: 175 Euro **

Excellent etching in perfect condition. Numbered 5/30.
Numbering; Description; Signature + Dating in pencil at bottom left, resp. right.
Framed in original wooden framing, behind passe-partout and glass*.

*   Framing has some minor damages **  Excl. packaging and shipping costs


The Naviglio Grande, together with the Naviglio Paves, forms the heart of the Naviglio area of Milano. Both channels flow together to the Darsena. This is the basin that once formed the heart of the old harbour disctrict. Around the Naviglio Grande is also the magnificent Vicolo Dei Lavandei, a special point where women used to wash the clothes.The typical Milanese residential blocks will instantly highlight you. The houses are yellow in color, a feature of the city Milan.



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