Another great Russian painter joined the artists of Gallery PR2 : Olga Yukhtina - Geoghegan

This week we were hosted by the artist Olga Yukhtina-Geoghegan in London. Olga studied at the Ilja Repin Academy in Sint Petersburg, Russia in the same period as our artist Natalia Dik. She left Russia about 18 yeras ago, to live and work in London Archway. Olga's last exhibition was recently in Geneva.

I'm very proud to introduce Olga, as being another great artist in our gallery! Details you do not find in her paintings, which encourages the viewer to look more in detail himself and brings many thoughts of imagination! Olga's soft and special colorpattern is immediately recognisable. Hereafter you will find the first four oilpaintings on canvas, which we added to our collection and are available for sales from today. We hope many more will follow soon!

Olga and me in her studio in London.

 'Chorus' 20 x 20 - 2013

 'Singer' 20 x 20 - 2013

'Curling my hair' 30,5 x 25,5 - 2012

'Being busy' 30,5 x 25,5 - 2009


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