Duo-exhibition "By Dik and Dik"

At the 16th of October 2015, we offically opened our new location of Gallery PR2, with a duo-exhibition called:

"By Dik and Dik"

Artworks from the Dutch artist Cor Dik (1906-1975) and the Russian artist Natalia Dik (1961) are exhibited. We have chosen for this exhibition, because my interest for the artworks of Cor Dik, as well as his family name, being the same as from Natalia Dik, have been leading me towards Natalia Dik's artworks in 2003 and finally led to the opening of Gallery PR2 in 2011!

This unique exhibition will be shown only shortly until end of October 2015. From November 2015 we exhibit artworks from all our artists, as is usual for our gallery.

I would be pleased to welcome you at your earliest convenience!

Peter Rijs


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