Glory International Art Festival 2014

Every day actual news about the programm and information + pictures of the paintings made! 

Here's the winning picture of the Glory photo-competition 2014, made by Ruth Prinsloo. Congratulations Ruth! An original oilpainting of Wietze Dorsmann will be send to your address. See:


Today's the last official day of the festival, but since there are so many visitors still coming we've decided to continue the exhibition one day longer!

Natalia Dik, Dorien van Diemen and Piet Groenendijk are painting nearby House Glory.

Hans Versfelt iand Rob Jacobs are painting at the beach in Bergen aan Zee.

Peter Altena and Wietze Dorsman have left homewards.

Anna Pavlova will paint a panorama of Beren aan Zee and works on the high dunes south of Bergen aan Zee.


Today there's market in the center of Bergen, around the Church ruïn. The painters going there are Rob Jacobs, Hans Versfelt, Wietze Dorsman and Wil van der Niet.

Anna Pavlova will be on the beach in Bergen aan Zee.

Natalia Dik, Piet Groenendijk and Dorien van Diemen are nearby House Glory in Bergen aan Zee.


Today André Krigar and Margreet Boonstra arrived and made their first paintings.

Natalia Dik, Peter Altena and Wietze Dorsman went back to the old watermill Bosmolen, to finalise paintings and make some new ones.

Hans Versfelt went to the dunes at 'De Kerf' a beautiful nature area close to Bergen aan Zee.

Rob Jacobs felt good going back to the center of Bergen.

Dorien van Diemen and Piet Groenendijk were at Bergen aan Zee on the road down to the beach, nearby beachhouse 'Noord'.

Wil van der Niet painted nearby a beachview, down to the left near the blue beach houses.


Natalia Dik, Wietze Dorsman and Hans Versfelt are painting at Huize Glory in Bergen aan Zee.

Rob Jacobs is painting in Bergen center nearby Church ruïn.

Piet Groenendijk is at the beachroad nearby beachhouse Sissy Boy in Bergen aan Zee. Wil van der Niet is at same place, down on the beach.

Dorien van Diemen is at Beachhouse South in Bergen aan Zee.


Rob Jacobs finished at first his large painting of the old watermill and later he went to the flowerfields and center of Bergen.

Natalia Dik, Peter Altena and Wil van der Niet were finishing the paintings hereafter at Huize Glory in Bergen aan Zee.

Piet Groenendijk went again to the road towards the beach at Bergen aan Zee.

Anna Pavlova painted the dunes at Bergen aan Zee.


For all the photographers amongst you: Join the free photo-competition for the best picture of an artist in action!

Piet Groenendijk was at the road to the beach nearby the seeaquarium in the center of Bergen aan Zee.

Today Hans Versfelt painted at the road towards the beach in Bergen aan Zee. 

Rob Jacobs, Wil van der Niet and Peter Altena were panting the flowerfields today at Barnweg, sideroad Herenweg (N511) nearby Egmond aan de Hoef. Wietze Dorsman is painting nearby the red flowerfields at the Driehuizerweg.

Dorien van Diemen is also nearby at the flowerfields besides the N511 just before Egmond aan de Hoef.


Today Natalia Dik, Wil van der Niet, Piet Groenendijk, Dorien van Diemen, Wietze Dorsman and Peter Altena went painting at the old watermill again. So same place as yesterday at Hoeverweg 35 in Egmond aan de Hoef.

Valk Visuals BV made a short video-impression of them wich you can already see at Youtube!


Hans Versfelt was at the beach in Bergen aan Zee.

Rob Jacobs was painting the bulbfields at Egmonds aan de Hoef.

Pictures of all paintings will be added to the artists portofolio later today.

Jochem and Farza of the Artists Magazine Palet came to meet the artists, visited the exhibition and left some numbers of Palet to give away to visitors of our exhibition. One is No.369 in which the article about portrait painting of Natalia Dik is written.


Today most of the artists goto the old watermill 'De Bosmolen out of the year 1565, at Hoeverweg 35 Egmond a/d Hoef, to paint the mill from the outside, but also the interior may be brougt on the canvas. 

The barn at the old watermill painted (45 x 60) by Natalia Dik.

The old watermill "Rosmolen' painted in oil on canvas (45 x 35) by Piet Groenendijk.

Wietze Dorsman finalising his interior of the old watermill.

The first landscape paintings of Anna Pavlova are there! Like this one of the flowerfields (45 x 60) nearby Egmond aan de Hoef.

Saturday Kingsday 26 april 2014

Most of the artists have arrived and started painting! Today at Kingsday 2014 we saw the 'Classic Car Tour'. Next the artists went to the old center of Bergen to paint the Kingsday activities. 

Rob Jacobs made 2 paintings of the Restaurant '2 Pilaren'
he larger one (60 x 60) pictured here is already sold!

Dorien van Diemen made a view of the gipsymarket on the grass nearby the Church ruin.

Wietze Dorsman painted the carousel (35 x 35) and French fries shop (35 x 35) in the center.

Wil van der Niet made a picture (40 x 30) of the kids buying candy spins.


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