Art Podium Amsterdam

We start our new Art Podium Amsterdam from 15th of September 2017, at about 15:00 hours and every Friday thereafter.

Every Plein-Áir artist is welcome in Natalia Dik's studio, being part of the Costa Rica Group and located next to the well known Ramses Shaffy House.

Address: Prins Hendrikkade 231-233 - 1019 HM Amsterdam

What we want to achieve with the Art Podium is to realize the wonderful atmosphere and pure energy of festivals on the 'own' workplace.
A venue for professional artists with model sessions; art-classes; theme evenings and from time to time, also an exhibition space in the Ramses Shaffy House.

A space where we can enjoy each other's work.

A space where we can discuss the game between "Light and Shadow," because there lies the truth. Everything was born in the special game of "Light and Shadow".

About the beauty of shapes, pychological portrait of shape, philosophy, life and love around art.


Natalia Dik


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