We are happy to announce that portraits in oil on canvas, painted by Natalia Dik will be exhibited at the 6th Art Square Exhibition in the garden of the Hermitage, at the river Amstel in Amsterdam.

Natalia's portrait 'Daughter with child' being shown at the BP Portrait Award Exhibiton 2014 in the National Portrait Gallery in London and Edingburgh, will be shown for the first time in the Netherlands during this great event!


Natalia Dik is being selected for the 3rd time to participate in this wonderfull painting event in the old fishermans town Katwijk at the Dutch see.


The jury for selection of artists participating the Easton Plein-air Festival 2016, has selected Natalia Dik to join this largest plein-air event of the United States!

For Natalia Dik the event starts at the 6th of July and ends the 17th July 2016.

For more info see:


Natalia Dik will join the AIO (Art in the Open) event for the 2nd time and give workshops on Monday the 25th and Friday the 29th of July 2016. For participation visit the link above or festival website.


This week we were hosted by the artist Olga Yukhtina-Geoghegan in London. Olga studied at the Ilja Repin Academy in Sint Petersburg, Russia in the same period as our artist Natalia Dik. She left Russia about 18 yeras ago, to live and work in London Archway. Olga's last exhibition was recently in Geneva.

I'm very proud to introduce Olga, as being another great artist in our gallery! Details you do not find in her paintings, which encourages the viewer to look more in detail himself and brings many thoughts of imagination! Olga's soft and special colorpattern is immediately recognisable. Hereafter you will find the first four oilpaintings on canvas, which we added to our collection and are available for sales from today. We hope many more will follow soon!

Olga and me in her studio in London.

 'Chorus' 20 x 20 - 2013

 'Singer' 20 x 20 - 2013

'Curling my hair' 30,5 x 25,5 - 2012

'Being busy' 30,5 x 25,5 - 2009


Hello everybody and happy New Year for you all!

We've been quit for a while, but busy with interesting developments! One of it is the making of an international and glossy webshop, to promote the artworks of our artists digitally worldwide in a better way. We expect the webshop to go on-line early summer this year.

We are thrilled to introduce some new artists and artworks that recently entered Gallery PR2!
From the Netherlands we introduce to you Corry Zondergeld and Joyce van Caspel.


Three oils on panel depicting in fine realsm, the waterlife of Amsterdam


A serie of art academy works with human body expressions in charcoal on paper.


We are happy to anounce that portraits in oil on canvas, painted by Natalia Dik will be exhibited at the 6th Art Square Exhibition in the garden of the Hermitage, at the river Amstel in Amsterdam. The portrait 'Daughter with child' being shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London 2014, is shown for the first time in the Netherlands during this great event!  


Since November 2015 we exhibit artworks from all our artists, which is usual for our gallery. A great variety of artworks can be seen. Small or large in size, portraits, cityviews, seaviews, countryviews and still lifes. Prices ranging from about € 50,-- upto about € 5.000,-- 

Always special offers are on sale in the gallery!

Some of the newly arrived artworks from Sibylle Bross,Natalia Dik, Kirill Datsouk, Rob Jacobs, Leon Holmes and Anna Pavlova are depicted hereafter.

I would be pleased to welcome you at your earliest convenience!

Peter Rijs


Till 7th November Sibylle Bross from Stüttgart, Germany and Natalia Dik from sint Petersburg, Russia are painting together inside, or "plein-air" outside Gallery PR2! You are most welcome to view both artists at work.

Also this weekend and next weekend Natalia Dik is giving workshops at our gallery.


At the 16th of October 2015, we offically opened our new location of Gallery PR2, with a duo-exhibition called:

"By Dik and Dik"

Artworks from the Dutch artist Cor Dik (1906-1975) and the Russian artist Natalia Dik (1961) are exhibited. We have chosen for this exhibition, because my interest for the artworks of Cor Dik, as well as his family name, being the same as from Natalia Dik, have been leading me towards Natalia Dik's artworks in 2003 and finally led to the opening of Gallery PR2 in 2011!

This unique exhibition will be shown only shortly until end of October 2015. From November 2015 we exhibit artworks from all our artists, as is usual for our gallery.

I would be pleased to welcome you at your earliest convenience!

Peter Rijs


Due to private circumstances and movement to our new location, we have been away for a while, and we surely missed you all! 

We found ourselves a new home and gallery location at the same spot being: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 97A Amsterdam, in the old center at the same canel and nearby the famous Old Church. An excellent location to live and exhibit our artists artworks also.

We are pleased to anounce our official opening with the exhibition "By Dik and Dik" , which will be at 16 October 2015 starting 19:00 hours. We would be pleased to welcome you at our opening or else thereafter to show you our new premises. 

Peter Rijs and Natalia Dik


From 29th till 31st of May 2015 Gallery PR2 is participating at the 'Art and Culture route 2015' with expo of paintings made during the Glory International Painting Festivals 2012/2013/2014 + 2015.

This since it's is 450 years ago that the watermills pumped the water away to create the Egmond and Bergermeer polder. We exhibit at (spot 6) Burgers Dieren Hotel Egmond at Hoeverweg 27 in Egmond a/d Hoef. Click here for the flyer and route.

The artists actually painting this weekend are: Natalia Dik (Ru); Rob Jacobs (NL); Peter Altena (NL); Wietze Dorsman (NL) + Anna Pavlova (Ru) and can be found nearby the exhibition spot.

For more info see:


The 4th Glory International Painting Festival 2015, at Landgoed Huize Glory in Bergen aan Zee has ended.

Artist joining were: Natalia Dik (Ru); Rob Jacobs (NL); Gosse Koopmans (NL); Meike Lipp (BRD); Jos Leurs (NL); Ineke Mahieu (NL); Sibylle Bross (BRD) and Anneke van der Lende (NL).

Guest artists were: Edwin Grissen (NL); Peter Altena (NL); Karin Brouwer (NL and Gineke Zikken (NL).

You are all most welcome! 


Link to:   Album all paintings of Glory Festival 2015

Link to:   Album all photo's of competition 'Best picture of an artist in action' 


We welcome all visites to join our photo competition. The best photo of 'an artist in action' during our festival, will get an origional painting of the artist!

- You can send in maximum 3 pictures

- All pictures, colour or black and white etc. are allowed

- Send your picture(s) by email to: before Saturday 9th of May 2015 24:00 hours and mention: your name / telephone number and picture(s) titles.

- At participation the organisation gets all rights free to use the received pictures. 

- The festival organisation and participating artists will select the best picture, which will be anounced at 14:00 hours Sunday 10th of May 2015.

All pictures shot will be put in a photo competition album on our Art Podium FaceBookpage. The website-link you find above.

We would like to receive your likes and comments on the pictures! 




And the winning picture for "THE BEST PHOTO OF AN ARTIST AT WORK" captured during the Glory International Painting Festival 2015 is . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . Maarten Berkers with 'Child playing and discovering' ! 

Congratulations Maarten Berkers

Jury about the nominated pictures:

Maarten Berkers "Child playing and discovering" (1ST PRICE 2015)

This picture depics in total what plein-air painting is! On the painting you see the idea of the artist, a child playing with the sand and discovering the world. But the model is not there as a model, and goes his own way, running away from the scene on the painting. It also depics the circumstances of the day, sunny but cold and windy. The artist has to overcome all these difficulties and must go on to show us on the painting what he or she has seen. 

Sebastaan Kool "Jos Leurs" (2ND PRICE 2015) 

 There are only 3 to 4 colors in this picture, which is often also in very good paintings. It captures an experienced master artist, which one can see from the easy look on the artist face and relaxed hand with brush.

Below Sebastiaan Kool with the painting box he won.

Peter Duinker 1 (3RD PRICE 2015)

The composition and colors of this photo are amazing! The red of the flowers and car. The sheep clouds drifting above the artist head, and creating different shadows / lights every second. It's indeed what all could see that particular moment and is saved for ages on different paintings. It also show the energy of this panter, being busy with 2 painting at the same time, using his technological experience of the painting materials and drying effects of wind and sunlight.

12th May 2015 

In the meantime, the (4th) Glory International Painting Festival 2015 has ended, and all artists have arrived safely at their home base. We thank them for painting over 110 great artworks, which all are now exhibited (if not already sold) at our gallery.

So, if you missed the festival, there's your 2nd change to admire all artworks s.a. landscapes, bulbfields in full blossem, seacapes and cityscapes of Bergen aan Zee, Bergen, Egmond a/d Hoef en Egmond.

 We would be pleased to welcome you in our gallery!

10th May 2015

Already the last day of the festival, with a beautiful sunrise! No wind and great weather for the beach today.

The artists Ineke Mahieu and Edwin Grissen have left yesterday evening after diner. The others are waking up and having breakfast. Some go out painting again, other relax or finish their made works.
In total > 100 paintings are painted which is quit a lot. Some are already sold and commissions we have got also. All together everyone is very pleased with the outcome and of course we still have the last day togo.

In total 43 photo's where received for this year's photo competition. This morning we will announce the 3 nominated pictures! Thanks all for joining this contest!

We will come back to you shortly. 

9th May 2015

Nearly 90 impressive paintings are already made! You have to come to the exhibition to see them!

32 photo's are received for this year's photo competition. We wish to get more!!! Would be great if we get pictures of every artist. Still missing are photo's from Sibulle Bross, Natalia Dik and Edwin Grissen.

Today is dry, but again windy. Ok to make beautiful seaviews with big waves.

Anneke van de Lende is again going to the beach of Egmand aan Zee.

Rob Jacons at first finishes a painting at Huize Glory and in the afternoon paints nearby Landgoed Schuylenberg, at the Herenweg in Egmond aan de Hoef.

Jos Leurs, Natalia Dik and Gosse Koopmans are finishing paintings in Huize Glory. Sibylle Bross paints in the restaurant of the hotel and Ineke Mahieu is standing at the front to paint a forest view.

Our gueat artists today: Karin Brouwer (NL) and Manja Jordans (NL) are painting in the center of Bergen. Welcome ladies! 

8th May 2015

A great day we had yesterday, with unexpectedly lots of sunshine. Today Natalia Dik and Gineke Zikken paint at Landgoed Schuylenburg at Herenweg in Egmond aan de Hoef.

Gosse Koopmans, Anneke van der Lende, Inneke Mahieu, Sibylle Bross and Jos Leurs are all painting at Egmond aan Zee.

Rob Jacobs and Meike Lipp are still at Huize Glory, finishing some paintings. 

7th May 2015

Today the weather will be about the same as yesterday, lots of wind but less rain.

Jos Leurs, Sibylle Bross and Anneke van der Lende will be painting nearby the lighthouse at Egmond aan Zee.

Gosse Koopmans is again nearby the 450 years old watermill at the Hoeverweg 35 just outside Egmond aan de Hoef.

Ineke Mahieu paints at Landgoed Schuylenburg at Herenweg in Egmond aan de Hoef. This location used to be the artschool of the U.S.A. painters George Hitchcock and Gary Melchers around 1890 - 1915, which artists now are called the 'Egmond School painters'.

Rob Jacobs and Natalia Dik paint in the morning in Bergen center.

Meike Lipp paints at Huize Glory.

Gueat artist today Edwin Grissen (NL) can arrive any moment. We will inform later where he will be painting.

6th May 2015

Everthing is going perfect! We all are enjoying the festival, artists and visiteors!  First sellings, also important, are there. Nearly 60 beautiful artworks are created, in all kinds of themes and sizes. And we are only half the periode, so many more will arrive. If you want to see them all, visites this paintings album above.

Also first pictures are send for our photo competition and put in the competition album above. If you have made them also, Please join and mail them to: 

This morning Sibylle Bross starts in the restaurant to paint a breakfast interior of Huize Glory. Natalia Dik will paint together with guest artist Peter Altena (NL) at the 450 years old watermill called 'Bosmolen' at the Hoeverweg 35 just outside Egmond aan de Hoef. Rob Jacobs goes to the bulbfields nearby Egmond. The others,  Jos Leurs - Gosse Koopmans and Ineke Mahieu will be in the village of Egmond aan de Hoef. Anneke van der Lende goes to the beach of Egmond.

5th May 2015

Today, Most artists work nearby Huize Glory.

Gosse Koopmans and Jos Leurs are in the center of Bergen. Rob Jacobs, left in the afternoon  to paint Landgoed Schuylenburg, at the provincial road at the end of Egmond a/d Hoef.

4th May 2015

Today started sunny, but clouds have arrived. Jos Leurs paints at the beach of Bergen aan Zee. Ineke Mahieu and Gosse Koopmans are in the golfbaan on left side in Bergen aan Zee.

Natalia Dik, Sibylle Bross and Meike Lipp are painting inside/outsider an old watermill called 'Bosmolen' at the Hoeverweg. This because it's this year 450 years ago that the mills pumped the water away, to create the Egmonderpolder. See Also BEM450

Rob Jacobs paints nearby on the road heading towards Huize Glory.

Anneke van der Lende paints on the beach of Egmond. 

3rd May 2015

Another great day is there! About 12 new paintings will be added to the exhibition this morning. Most of them with countryvieuws of the bulbfields in full blossem. Also the sheppard has arrived with the herd of sheeps. A walking Mauve painting with sheeps walking in the dunes is just one minute away!

All new paintings will be posted in the festival photo album on our Art Podium FaceBookpage today, but for sure you have to see them at our show. 

The artists Meike Lipp, Sibylle Bross, Natalia Dik and Ineke Mahieu are painting in or nearby Huize Glory. Rob Jacobs paintings in the center of Bergen nearby the old ruin. Jos Leurs paints at the sshoppen center at Breelaan,  oppositie te restaurants.

2nd May 2015

All Artists have arrived safely and are today painting together in the bulbfields at Egmond a/d Hoef, since the flowerheads will be cut-off soon!

The weather is great!  Lots of sunshine! 

In the afternoon till around 19:30 they can be found at the beach of Egmond aan Zee.

The exhibition has opened with paintings made the previews years. 

- - - - - - - 


For the 4th time already, we are pleased to organise the Glory International Painting Festival at Bergen aan Zee, which this year will be from 2nd till 10th of May 2015! This years artists so far are: Sibylle Bross (BRD) / Natalia Dik (Ru), Gosse Koopmans (NL), Ineke Mahieu (NL) / Rob Jacobs (NL) / Anneke van der Lende (NL) / Jos Leurs (NL) and Meike Lipp (BRD).

Guest artist (s ) later this week: Ginneke Zikken (NL)

General Program

- Artists arrival                              Friday 1st May, after 1  5:00 hours

- Festival opening                        Saterday 2nd around noon

- Exhibition starts                         Saturday 2nd May

- Exhibition at top                         Saturday 9th May

- Festival closing                          Sunday 10th May around noon.

- Exhibition closes                        Sunday 10th May at 18:00 hours

- Artists departure                         Sunday 10th or Monday 11th May

Daily Program

Will be anounced in short notice. Stay tuned!!


Abonneer je nu voor nieuwe artikelen in deze categorie!